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Research Projects

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DoCUMA (Development of Composite and Ubiquitous mobile Applications for collaborative Scenarios)

In the last years the spontaneous teamwork, the so called informal collaboration, got into the focus of the computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) research area. Thereby, it is investigated how this form of collaboration could be supported by using mobile devices, because they provide the advantage of a location- and time-independent use. In this context the research projekt DoCUMA is concerned with the possibilities of the static and dynamic distribution and composition of application components. In doing so, it should be clarified how distribution of components to different platforms, dependent on context properties, can be described in the composition model of an application.

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IVEU (in German) (Intelligent Information Visualization by End Users)

The research vision of the IVEU project consists in the conception of a system infrastructure and component-based rich-internet platform that guides decision makers (domain experts, end users) without detailed knowledge in information visualization through the different phases of the iterative analysis and visualization process with the help of intelligent and context-sensitive assistance functions.

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SmartWM (in German) (Intelligent Personalized Wealth Management)

In the research project "Intelligent Personalized Wealth Management", strategies of wealth management are investigated. These strategies are based on very heterogeneous information, both semantically described unstructured and structured data on investment objects of various types. This information is to be personalized and intelligently processed in such a way that "normal" investors can recognize changes in investments and make investment decisions.

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