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Energy efficiency through intelligent software systems - CoolSoftware



10-2011 We published the results of our literature analysis covering the state of the art in hardware energy management, energy management of storage systems, and software's influence on energy consumption as technical reports.
07-2011 We held a workshop to present the current status of the project to our partners and interested companies, and to discuss the next steps.
04-2011 There are new topics for theses published!
07-2010 The official website is finally online.
05-2010 gingcom GmbH supports CoolSoftware and provides a Tape Loader for the test infrastructure. Thanks a lot!


The research project CoolSoftware is part of the cluster of excellence "Cool Silicon" and founded by the Leading-Edge Cluster Competition of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Together with 16 chairs of 3 technical colleges (TU and HTW Dresden, TU Chemnitz), 9 research institutes, major enterprises like AMD, Infineon and X-FAB as well as many capable small and medium-sized companies, a technological basis will be established to strongly increase the energy efficiency in the field of IT. sowie einer Vielzahl leistungsfähiger kleiner und mittelständischer Unternehmen, von denen viele in ihrer jeweiligen

Vision and Goal


Previous approaches to optimize energy efficiency focused mainly on hardware and necglected the fact, that software running on hardware could have a big impact on energy consumption. Our project aims at reducing the energy consumption of complex IT systems through intelligent software controlling. Therefore, we investigate, to which extent the use of adaptive software at application and system level can lead to an energy optimized operation of the underlying hardware infrastructure.

Projekt partners

Lehrstuhl für Softwaretechnologie, TU Dresden Point Software & Systems GmbH T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH


CoolSoftware is kindly supported by gingcom GmbH. gingcom GmbH