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Free State of Saxony


Development methods for process-driven and composite mashup applications



03-2012 The project's time period has been extended till April 2013 and is continued as a part of the E-Science research program.
08-2011 On 2011-08-22 the practical course for the development of a task modeling tool presented successfully the results of a FLEX-based task modeling editor.
03-2011 On 2011-04-04 starts a practical course for the development of a task modeling tool. The subscription starts on 2011-03-14.
07-2010 A poster of the DEMISA project is available for download that summarizes the content of the project: DEMISA - Poster
07-2010 The project website has been updated.
07-2009 New student theses are available about Requirements analysis for the development of service-oriented user interfaces in a order and merchandise information system and about Model-driven development of component-based user interfaces in the context of workflows.
07-2009 Within the project DEMISA several student theses are advertised.
03-2009 The Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (SMWK) accepted the project proposal ESF-080939514. Starting from April the 1st the project is funded by European Social Fund and the Free State of Saxony for the next three years.


The project DEMISA addresses the model-driven development process from business processes models to composite mashup applications. Business processes usually describe high level activities while user interfaces are characterized by fine granular interactions. This results in two different, barely related models. For a better alignment of business applications to business processes this project extends the description of mashup components with task-oriented features in order to suggest components and mashups during the authoring of process-oriented applications. Further an integrative runtime environment for mashups and processes is needed. For a better involvement of domain experts appropriate development tools needs to be developed.

Project Partners

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