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Intelligent Personalized Wealth Management

Motivation and Goals

IPV (for German: Intelligente Personalisierte Vermögensverwaltung) enables private people to improve their financial assets by making suitable investment decisions powered by a collaborative consulting and guidance platform. Without the need for a permanent financial consultant, middle income investors are recommended a suitable investment strategy. They are long-term accompanied based on user-tailored online sessions.

The platform links investors and consultants based on their interests and portfolios characteristics to facilitate finding an appropriate strategy. Consulting sessions are performed online or in the presence of a local consultant. For maximum efficiency, the investor may share parts of his provided data, which he deposited at the platform, individually to certain consultants. In this manner, an optimal preparation of the consulting session is achieved.

To keep track of the long-term development of assets, the portfolio view is enriched by added-value services and data such as corresponding news or product analyses. Furthermore, platform users may exchange views on investment strategies and portfolio products independent of specific consulting sessions. Therefore, investors stay up-to-date about their assets without a close consulting relationship to an individually assigned expert.


MMT Project Team and Contact Information

Name Project role
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Meißner PersonProf. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Meißner Advising Professor
Dipl.-Medieninf. Gregor Blichmann PersonDipl.-Medieninf. Gregor Blichmann Research Fellow
Dipl.-Medieninf. Andreas Rümpel PersonDr.-Ing. Andreas Rümpel Research Fellow
Sergej Tschigraj, B. Sc. PersonMaster of Science Sergej Tschigraj Senior Student Assistant

Envisioned Features and Highlights

Phase 1: Implementation of Initial Insurance Consulting Sessions

Phase 2: Platform Extension to Support Comprehensive Consulting Process

Phase 3: Transfer to Wealth and Financial Products Consulting