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Collaborative Multidevice Mashups for Informal Teamwork



IT solutions for workflow and case management are a cornerstone for efficient management and production processes. A great variety of devices is used to operate and control these systems, e.g. notebooks, smartphones, tablets and conevtional desktop PCs, depending on a users task and specific situation.

Communication between the different devices of a single user is, however, difficult if not even impossible for a normal user. Even simple tasks like moving documents from one device to another can be tedious and cumbersome. E.g. if a user works at his desktop PC and wants to utilize a tablet to show an overview document belonging to the current workflow step, he has to transfer the document, locate the documents file on the mobile device, open it and skip to the desired location within the document.

A highly desireable feature would be a spontanoues extension of the application scope to other devices. With one single mouse click, the overview document could be transferred to another screen to pop up at ther right page. Furthermore, annotations could be synched between devices immediately and without further user interaction.

This project will develope and evaluate concepts and solutions to extend workflow and case management systems with functionalites to enable single user multi device interaction: