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Projekt HSM
Hierarchical Storage Management



The fast growing amount of information by companies and private users creates new challenges for storage management systems. Also the heterogeneity and multimediality of documents and their distribution across different (e.g. mobile) devices and servers create new problems. Furthermore, the requirements for storage technologies and data management are very different for each document. Those requirements also affect problems of data security, data protection, data revision and availability of information over a long period.

One solution is offered by systems for hierarchical storage management (HSM), which extend classic filesystems. They address the mentioned requirements and enable a virtualization of different storage media (Image 1). Furthermore, they provide an automated and transparent access to a database and enable an efficient and cost-optimized management of the storage hierarchy. Moreover, existing legal requirements are considered for the deposition of legal relevant information. HSM systems also enable a long-time archiving and ensure that documents were not forged or modified.


Traditional HSM systems are often server-centered and disregard the management of multimedia documents, which increasingly are created by mobile devices. Thereof, we focus on the following research goals:

Research goals

In this project we want to design and create a HSM system with the following innovative features.