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Intuitive Interfaces for Personal Information Collections


Project Summary

From our background in virtual environment research (Project CONTIGRA) and work in the field of information visualization and HCI (e.g. Collapsible Cylindrical Trees, TimeZoom) we conceive the vision of future user interfaces, which are semantic-based, media rich, employ three-dimensional information visualization techniques and support everyday users through intuitive metaphors, hedonistic quality, adaptation and scalability to a variety of system settings. The UI techniques developed within our research activities are applied to the areas of Personal Information Management (PIM, such as e-mail managers), Personal Media Management, and document managament in general. The project started in fall 2005.


05/2007 Invited Talk at the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (TU Berlin) during the Research Colloquium Usability: "3DUI, ZUI and Beyond – Novel Personal User Interfaces" TU Berlin
04/2007 New graduate course Advanced User Interface Techniques related to this reasearch project (lectured by PersonRaimund Dachselt). Vorlesung AUIT
04/2007 Defense of the diploma theses by PersonDaniel Grund (Geovisualizations for PIM), PersonMathias Frisch (Mobile Media Browser), PersonAnett Hübner (UIs for Document Browser) and the student's thesis by PersonStefan Arnold (Personal Media UIs). Geovisualization
03/2007 First Mambo-Prototype (Mobile fAcet-based Music BrOwser) was finished and evaluated in a user study with 24 people. Mambo
07/2006 Bachelor thesis of PersonMarkus Weiland received Accenture Student's Work Award 2006. Student's Work Award
04/2006 Presentation of the TimeZoom Technique at CHI 2006 in Montreal. Logo CHI 2006
04/2006 Start of a research seminar on the topic of User Interfaces for Personal Information Management (sorry, only in German).
01/2006 Start of several diploma theses on the topic of e-mail visualization, PIM and personal media management. See details here.