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Enabling Informal Teamwork


Part of the WEP project in the Global Info program. Kindly supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology.

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The development process of multimedia products is in a special way determined by informal cooperation between authors, designers, software developers, freelancers, editors and publishers. Currently there is no sufficient support for this process by electronic environments. The Objective of the EIT project is the conceptualization of an integrated cooperative electronic environment for developing and manufacturing interactive courseware and learning material using existing applications and tools where possible.

One primary goal is to support informal, non- or semi-structured cooperation and to integrate the process of defining and applying guidelines concerning the publishing process, its technology and workflows. Therefore tools and environments have to be developed which enable communication and create workspace awareness in a distributed team.

At first we will examine the cooperation process between members of a distributed team in the context of a publishing environment. This will lead to a set of requirements that have to be met by infrastructure, procedures, tools, and applications. The next step will be the development of role models with respect to fields of competence and responsibilities which will allow more flexible workflows. These models will be optimized following the evaluation and will be supported by a set of simple tools. Furthermore we plan to develope concepts to provide multimedia extensions for existing teaching material and to unitize such documents. These concepts along with a toolset prototype will be evaluated within the production environment of the project partner.

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