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Author(s) Title Type of thesis
PersonMirko Wolff Task-Based composition of user interface mashupsstudent thesis
PersonPhilipp Siekmann Authoring tool for semantic task modelingstudent thesis
PersonNikolaus Piccolotto Navigation und Selektion in großen semantischen Datensätzenstudent thesis
PersonSebastian Heyden Modellierung von Interaktions- und Navigationsbeziehungen in Mashupsdiploma thesis
PersonHannes John Identification of action patterns in user interface mashupsdiploma thesis
PersonThomas Gerhardt Development of a transformation process from business process models to a task modeldiploma thesis
PersonInes Reiche Design of an authoring tool for task-oriented analysis of user interface mashups in the context of business processesstudent thesis
PersonGregor Blichmann Development of a task-based matching method for user interface mashup componentsdiploma thesis
PersonThomas Gerhardt Requirements engineering for compsite and process-oriented mashup-applicationsstudent thesis
PersonSebastian Dumke Development of service-oriented user interfaces for order and merchandise information systemsdiploma thesis
PersonMathias Vatterodt Development of a task model for UI mashupsstudent thesis
PersonJan Dietrich Modeling and Monitoring Methods of Quality Aspects in Composite Web Applicationsdiploma thesis
PersonFabian Potschies Process model for the development of enterprise mashupsbachelor thesis
PersonGregor Blichmann Design methods for cloud applicationsstudent thesis
PersonTobias Geißler Konzeption und Implementierung von Gadgets innerhalb einer nutzerzentrierten Enterprise-Mashup-Umgebungdiploma thesis
PersonJan Reimann Generic Composition Model for UI Mashupsstudent thesis