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diploma thesis

Support of device services in the CRUISe runtime environment for Composite Rich-Internet Applications


Increasingly, users have multiple devices, such as desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, video game consoles and smartphones, so that it is possible to interact with them in a so called personal information environment (PIE). In those environments the user interacts in the same application with very heterogeneous devices context and partially collaboratively with other users. For example, a web application is presented in the web browser of a smart tv and the user can control it with his/her smartphone remotely. For example, the web browser of a smart tv presents a web application and it can be controlled by one or multiple mobile end devices (smartphone or tablet) remotely.

The concept of Composite Rich-Internet Applications (CRIA, Mashups) allows to integrate an individual device service through a representing component description into the context of a composite web application. To describe device services a possible option is the mashup component description language (MCDL), which was developed as part of the CRUISe project. In the future, the CRUISe approach should enable the development of composite rich internet applications, which are able to integrate device services into the application structure besides conventional web services.

In this work the description of the CRUISe component model should be evaluated under the aspect of device service representation and, where necessary, be supplemented by extensions that are required for the development of CRIA in PIE. In addition, starting from the existing CRUISe runtime environment a version for mobile devices has to be designed, which is based on the PhoneGap framework capable to provide a device functions as externally visible device services, which in turn should be described by the extended version of the MCDL.

In detail the task includes following sub-tasks:

Further information

Author(s): PersonMichael Polter
Duration: 04/15/2012 - 10/15/2012
University teacher: PersonProf. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Meißner
Supervisor(s): PersonDipl.-Medieninf. Oliver Mroß
Institute, Chair: SMT, Multimedia Technology
Related Projects: DoCUMA