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Possibilities of student participation

We would be happy to welcome you in our team - be it as student assistent or in the course of a bachelor/master thesis!


Participate as SHK

You can apply to become a student assistent (SHK) in the project at any time. Here is what you need to know:


Topics of Interest


If you are looking for an interesting bachelor or master thesis and one of these topics sounds interesting to you, please contact PersonStefan Pietschmann. Of course, we're also open for your own ideas, as long as they are in line with the overall research agenda of the project. Feel free to contact us and we will try to come up with a suitable and interesting topic in a personal meeting.


Open topics for theses


Running theses


Finished theses

Author(s) Title Type of thesis
PersonSergej Tschigraj Application-Level Aggregation of Quality Properties for Web Mashupsbachelor thesis
PersonMirko Wolff Task-Based composition of user interface mashupsstudent thesis
PersonSebastian Heyden Modellierung von Interaktions- und Navigationsbeziehungen in Mashupsdiploma thesis
PersonRemo Porschatis Analyse, Modellierung und Integration von Explorationstechniken in UI-Mashupsdiploma thesis
PersonMichael Polter Modeling of Adaptivity for Mashup Applicationsstudent thesis
PersonMarat Safin A Dynamic Client-Server Platform for Mashup Applicationsmaster's thesis
PersonSteffen Schurig Entwicklung und Evaluation mobiler Anwendungsszenarien in CRUISebachelor thesis
PersonDavid Gest Dienstbasierte Erweiterung semantischer Kontextinformationen am Beispiel von Geodaten diploma thesis
PersonRobert Wende Flexibilisierung eines Kommunikationsmodells für komponentenbasierte Webanwendungenstudent thesis
PersonCarsten Radeck Supporting semantic composition in mashupsdiploma thesis
PersonJan Dietrich Modeling and Monitoring Methods of Quality Aspects in Composite Web Applicationsdiploma thesis
PersonCarsten Radeck Context Modeling and Adaptivity for Composite Web Applicationsstudent thesis
PersonFabian Potschies Process model for the development of enterprise mashupsbachelor thesis
PersonDavid Gest Server-Side Runtime Environment for Service-Based UI Mashupsstudent thesis
PersonKen Baumgärtel Adapter Concept for Integrating Generic UI Components in Web Architecturesdiploma thesis
PersonJan Dietrich Security Issues Concerning the Integration and Communication in Service-Oriented Mashupsstudent thesis
PersonRobert Krüger Kompositions- und Kommunikationsmodell für Web-Widgetsdiploma thesis
PersonJan Reimann Generic Composition Model for UI Mashupsstudent thesis
PersonMatthias Baumgart Classification of User Interface Servicesstudent thesis
PersonJohannes Waltsgott Client-Side Integration of User Interface Servicesdiploma thesis
PersonJessica Nierth Flexible Web User Interfaces Based on Eclipse RAPdiploma thesis
PersonAndreas Kessel Adaptive Multimedia Services for Online Shopping Systemsstudent thesis
PersonDominik Vock Analyse und Vergleich bestehender Mashup-Ansätzestudent thesis
PersonSimon Zimmermann Entwicklung einer Service-Schnittstelle zur anwendungsübergreifenden Kontextnutzungdiploma thesis
PersonMartin Voigt Service-Oriented User Intefaces for Human Interaction in Business Processesdiploma thesis
PersonToni Sebastian Kreska Entwicklung eines generischen Service-Wrappers für dienstbasierte Benutzerschnittstellen diploma thesis
PersonMartin Voigt Development of a service architecture for user interfacesstudent thesis
PersonStefanie Deuse Specification of a description language for complex user interface componentsstudent thesis
PersonRonny Winkler Entwicklung eines ontologiebasierten Kontextmodells für kollaborative Web-Anwendungendiploma thesis