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master's thesis

Creation of a Developer Guide to Improve Component’s Applicability in Collaborative Scenarios


The CRUISE mashup runtime environment enables users to build and use individual rich internet applications by combining arbitrary, uniformly encapsulated components. The resulting compositions can be reconfigured during runtime by end users without programming skills. Beside single user scenarios, a distributed client server runtime environment empowers also a collaborative usage of mashup applications. Thereby, users are able to first combine heterogeneous components, and second assign different access rights to different parts of their application to use them synchronized with others. The basic idea behind is, that application components which originally where created for single user usage only, can be also used for collaborative use cases too. Therefore, the mashup environment provides a transparent synchronization approach, which replicates state changes of the components to all collaborative partners.

To receive the best possible user experience, components have to match basic requirements during their development. Currently, these requirements are not formalized and known in detail. It would be necessary to analyse all of these requirements for components, that latter are applicable in collaborative use cases. Afterwards, it will be necessary to create some kind of developer guide, which teaches component developers, by using best practices, how to develop components in a way that they fit best in the collaborative mashup environment and are highly usable in collaborative scenarios. Additionally, these findings could be used to define some metrics for components which helps users during their composition process to select only components that are well suited for a collaborative usage. In detail, the following sub goals should be achieved:



Further information

Author(s): PersonBeatrycze Kmiec
Duration: 09/01/2015 - 02/08/2016
University teacher: PersonProf. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Meißner
Supervisor(s): PersonDipl.-Medieninf. Gregor Blichmann
Institute, Chair: SMT, Multimedia Technology
Related Projects: PUMA