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The EDYRA team

Team and Contact


Contact person:
PersonDr.-Ing. Alexander Lorz
Supervising professor:
PersonProf. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Meißner

Former research staff and students

Name Task within the project
Dipl.-Medieninf. Gregor Blichmann PersonDipl.-Medieninf. Gregor Blichmann Research assistant
Dr.-Ing. Alexander Lorz PersonDr.-Ing. Alexander Lorz Research assistant
Dipl.-Medieninf. Carsten Radeck PersonDipl.-Medieninf. Carsten Radeck Research assistant
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rümpel PersonDr.-Ing. Andreas Rümpel Research assistant
Philipp Rabe Person Philipp Rabe
Dennis Körte Person Dennis Körte
Kateryna Baskenova Person Kateryna Baskenova
Robert Starke Person Robert Starke
Stefan Weckend Person Stefan Weckend
Johannes Pflugmacher Person Johannes Pflugmacher
Dániel Sulyok Person Dániel Sulyok
Konrad Michalik Person Konrad Michalik
Sergej Hahn Person Sergej Hahn
Vitalii Kushnir Person Vitalii Kushnir
Nikolaus Piccolotto Person Nikolaus Piccolotto
Bachelor of Science Juri Tichomirow PersonBachelor of Science Juri Tichomirow
Ronny Kursawe Person Ronny Kursawe
Clemens Grosse Person Clemens Grosse
Person Mirko Wolff
Kateryna Iermakova Person Kateryna Iermakova
Marco Strietzel Person Marco Strietzel
Martin Zenker Person Martin Zenker
André Lorenz Person André Lorenz
Sergej Lopatkin Person Sergej Lopatkin
Kathrin Heindl Person Kathrin Heindl
Manuel Jany Person Manuel Jany
Sebastian Heyden Person Sebastian Heyden
Marat Safin Person Marat Safin
Thomas Gerhardt Person Thomas Gerhardt