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Motivation and Goals


The World Wide Web is rapidly changing from a presentation to a cooperation and communication medium offering highly personalized interactive Web applications, accessable via different multimedia end devices. This necessitates the quick generation and delivery of up-to-date information, which is automatically adapted to the respective presentation interface and user preferences. However, conventional document formats for the Web are hardly applicable for managing adaptive Web applications. Their coarse-grained implementation model suffers from the lacking separation of content, structure and layout, thus preventing the reuse of fine-granular functional, semantic and layout elements in a flexible way. Furthermore, there is still no sufficient tool support for efficiently authoring and delivering general-type, ubiquitous adaptive Web applications.

Project Goals

Aim of the project AMACONT is the component-based design development of highly adaptive Web sites. Research is focused on both the architectural aspects of engineering adaptive Web content (document formats, document generation process, caching) and the authoring process (methodologies, authoring tools). The main activities are: