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Visualization and Interaction Techniques for Future E-Mail-Clients


Computer-Desktops of the future must handle enormous quantities of documents and a multitude of personalized information items while providing intuitive user interfaces for everyday users. Current operating systems, such as Mac OS X Tiger already provide new visualization and interaction techniques, among them 3D animations, transparent layers and Dashboard widgets. High-end graphics technologies - e.g. DirectX for Microsoft's upcoming Avalon GUI technology - constitute the basis for future graphical user interfaces of everyday applications. Such applications, most notably file and document managers as well as e-mail clients, should overcome the restrictions of inflexible hierarchy and table visualizations. Instead they should provide better access to the abundance of data. Moreover, current techniques - such as smart mail boxes - do not sufficiently cope with semantical information and other associated meta data. The goal of this thesis is to design novel visualization and interaction concepts for future e-mail managers. They should facilitate everyday work with huge e-mail collections, provide visual clarity as well as contain interaction and visualization capabilities for dis-covering semantic correlations between e-mails. The following results are expected from this bachelor thesis:

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Autor(en): PersonMarkus Weiland
Laufzeit: 01.06.2005 - 29.09.2005
Verantwortlicher HSL: PersonProf. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Meißner
Betreuer: PersonDr.-Ing. Raimund Dachselt
Institut, Lehrstuhl: SMT, Multimediatechnik
Zugehörige Projekte: INPERIC