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Adaptation of multimedia elements

Vectra short

Vectra detailed

The customer looks at Opel Vectra. He enlarges the first image and asks for the text about technical details.

Frontera detailed

Frontera additional text

The next car, Opel Frontera, ist presented with an large image. Additionally, the text about technical details is integrated without an interaction of the customer. Now, the customer wants to see the text about special equipment, too. He clicks on that link.

Trabant detailed

The Trabant is now presented with two integrated texts and one large image.

Golf detailed

Golf collapsed

In a next step, the customer looks at the toy cars. Here, he wants to see all images in large size and no texts. Therefore, he enlarges the other two images and collapses the text.

Golf collapsed

The toy cars are now presented with three large images an texts only with links.

Passat adapted

In a last step, the customer visits again the cars and asks for the VW Passat. The Passat is presented in the same way as the other cars before. The system has learned the preferences depending on the kind of product and the kind of information.