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Cool Navigate

Vision and Goals

Requirements-Aware Composite Web Mashup Infrastructure

Cool Navigate researches strategies for the development and execution of adaptive Web applications in mobile scenarios. Depending on properties of the client devices and mobile communication facilities, we strive for an energy-optimized application use. A client-server distribution of application components is performed depending on the energy state of the mobile device. In case of a high battery charge state, resource-intensive parts of the application can be run directly on the mobile client, which may result in an increased ease of use. If the battery level is low, the client is operating in power save mode, whereas more computing power is delivered by the server to execute application components.

A semantic property model is being developed to describe energy-relevant values with requirements being specified on top of it. The figure shows stakeholders of such quality requirements in a typical infrastructure for composite Web mashups. Therefore, a stakeholder can be either a property-carrying entity or a source of a quality requirement.

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Student Theses

The project Cool Navigate offers student theses (Bachelor, Diplom, Master, Großer Beleg). Subjects comprise the investigation of optimizable energy parameters and monitoring context properties of mobile devices. Further, research topics are componentization of mobile applications as well as figuring out energy-optimizing distribution strategies of such application components. If you are keen on doing a thesis in the field of the outlined subjects, please contact PersonDr.-Ing. Andreas Rümpel for further discussion via e-mail or in person.

Open topics for theses


Running theses


Finished theses

Author(s) Title Type of thesis
PersonVeit Bjarsch Generic Scraping of Hererogeneously Structured Financial Data on the Webbachelor thesis
PersonJuri Tichomirow User-Driven Fuzzy Specification of Non-Functional Requirementsbachelor thesis
PersonSebastian Betker Capturing User Intentions in Mobile Applicationsstudent thesis
PersonTobias Hafermalz Übertragung von Mashup-Technologien auf Finanzinformationsdienstportalebachelor thesis
PersonEva Morawietz Erfassung von Kontextinformationen für mobile Anwendungenbachelor thesis
PersonChristoph Finotto Vergleich von Web- und nativen Technologien für mobile RIAsbachelor thesis
PersonAnika Wagner Modeling Characteristic Quality Properties in Web Mashupsbachelor thesis