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Legend of the XML Spy Schema Diagrams

Icons Description
Country Mandatory single element.
Details: MinOcc=1, MaxOcc=1
Name Mandatory single element, containing Parsed Character Data (#PC-Data). The content may be simple content or mixed complex content.
Details: MinOcc=1, MaxOcc=1, type=xsd:string, content=simple.
Location Single optional element.
Details: MinOcc=0, MaxOcc=1
Alias Mandatory multiple element.
Details MinOcc=1, MaxOcc=5.
Division Mandatory multiple element containing child elements.
Details: MinOcc=1, MaxOcc=unbounded, type=DivisionType, content=complex.
Group Element reference
Sequence Sequence:
indicates that the elements declared inside must appear in the order in which they were declared.
Choice Choice:
means that any one of the elements declared inside can occur, but only one of them.
All All:
allows the elements to occur in any order, but they can only occur once or not at all.
Verweis Link to a globally declared type definition,
in this case with a namespace-prefix.