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Authoring Tool CONTIGRA Builder

Contigra ComponentBuilder

The CONTIGRA ComponentBuilder tool is used to produce an entire component. It is responsible for integrating all implementation parts. X3D documents, 3D audio and behavior graph documents can be loaded and displayed in a 3D window, parts can be selected and combined to be included in the component. Associations between nodes and fields of scene graph parts can be established. The CoSceneGraph document will be automatically generated for the desired component implementation. Editors allow the component description according to the CoSceneComponent schema.

Contigra ApplicationBuilder

This tool provides functionality for selecting 3D components and previewing them in a 3D window. They can be transformed and arranged to produce the desired VE or 3D application without assuming scene graph knowledge. Internally a compound CoSceneComponent instance is constructed, which stores the component transformation hierarchy and the component connections. Finally an executable 3D application can be generated.

Preview of the ContigraBuilder Prototype